$12,362,500 judgment in favor of class of Texas residents for invasion of privacy

In August 2017, Cory Fein of the Cory Fein Law Firm obtained a judgment in the amount of $12,362,500 in a class action against TitleMax. The award amounted to $2,500 each for the 4,945 class members whose information was improperly obtained by TitleMax employees from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The Case is No. 5:14-cv-00628-RP-HJB, in the Western District of Texas, San Antonio division. Cory Fein was lead counsel in this case which resulted in an important victory. While most successful class actions result in a settlement (where defendants agree to pay a portion of the damages sought before the court makes a final ruling on liability and damages), this case proceeded all the way to a final judgment entered by the court, awarding the thousands of class members represented by Mr. Fein all of the damages they sought.